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The Story

At the core, every business is run by process. The process of creating a product.
People make a company, but processes define it.
We believe that every methodology of every industry can be defined as a process, which means, that every company can be fully controlled by managing these processes.
With Inqubo you can run, manage, control and automate your business processes.
Inqubo helps you eliminate your company inefficiency and mistakes done in process execution.


Design business tools

Design cloud business tools based on powerful process templates created by industry professionals.

Create own processes

Create your own apps and processes.

Build business processes

Build your business processes with custom actions.

Apps & Integrations

Connect your processes with other apps you love threw integration packs.


Make your processes available to other apps and IOT devices via API.

Smart process scheduling & execution

Automate your company’s work with smart process scheduling.

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