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What we do

Optimized business systems built with best tehnologies available

Enterprise cloud solutions

Custom tailored cloud apps for your business,
built using cutting edge technologies.

Software integrations

Existing applications and systems integration.

Mobile applications

Ios & android
cross platform development

API design and development

Scalable REST api design and development

Application development

Business systems built with best tehnologies available

Application migration & maintenance

Database and application migrations.

Cloud architecture design

Cloud system design and development


Automation and monitoring tools development and integration

API Driven Infrastructure

One important outcome of the automation enabled by APIs is consistency. Through automation, businesses remove human error (and human expense) from operational processes. Even when a repeatable task is well-documented with a clear procedure, when human workers perform the task it is likely that you will end up with varied outcomes. API enabled platforms are driving a true re-think in how we manage IT. API driven infrastructure is also less expansive in terms of developing and maintenance costs due to separation of each ifrastructure layer.


Agile system design
Our systems are designed and developed using agile approach.
Full stack javascript
Latest development JS paradigm using mongodb, express js, react js, node js.
React JS
Our frontend systems are developed with React JS.
SQL & NOSQL databases
Support for major DB engines
Mongo DB
Most of our backends are implemented with mongo document datastore
React Native
React native mobile apps


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